4th of July

SABA 4th of July Event 2013

07/04/2013 10:00 am
07/04/2013 1:00 pm

The annual South Ardmore Independence Day celebration will take place on Thursday, July 4th!

Bring your children, nieces, nephews, grandkids, and of course, your neighbors.
Our event begins with a parade of bikes, strollers and wagons decked out in red, white and blue.

We will depart from Chestnutwold Elementary at 10am, led by fire trucks from the Merion and Oakmont Fire Companies.
From the school we will proceed up Belmont Avenue, turning right on Pont Reading and then left on Morris, before continuing to Elwell Field at the intersection of Ardmore and Morris Avenues.

There, kids can participate in field events, compete in the “best-decorated” contest, get temporary tattoos, and play with plastic gimp string. If you’re hot, get wet under The Big Splash! If you’re hungry, hot dogs, pretzels, baked goods, and cold drinks will be available for purchase.

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SABA 4th of July Celebration


SABA's 4th of July celebration at Elwell Field Photos Link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/24126870@N07/sets/72157630423592686/
1 SABA 18

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2012 Neighborhood 4th of July Event--Volunteers Needed

07/04/2012 10:00 am
07/04/2012 1:00 pm

LOCATION: Elwell Field--Morris and Ardmore

On Wednesday, July 4th, we'll be holding our annual South Ardmore
Independence Day celebration! Bring your children, nieces, nephews,
grandkids, and of course, your neighbors. Our event begins with a PARADE of
bikes, strollers and wagons decked out in red, white and blue, leaving from
Chestnutwold Elementary at 10am. We will wind our way through the
neighborhood, go up Morris Rd., and end up at Elwell Field,
where kids can compete in the "best-decorated" contest,
and participate in field events and other activities.

This year, we will have a RIBBON-CUTTING Ceremony
to celebrate our new playground structure that was built on June 9th and 10th.

Note that WE DESPERATELY NEED VOLUNTEERS in order for this event to succeed.
Go to our Sign-Up Genius link to sign up,
You may sign up for multiple time slots.

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4th of July-Athletic Event Results--Water Balloon Toss


Results of the water balloon toss:
(please excuse any misspellings)

1) ages 5-6
a) 1st-Sarah Shell & Jackson Devine
b) 2nd-Jason Hahn & Eric Paskell
c) 3rd-Liam Bodor & Henry Carly

2) ages 7-9
a) 1st- Sophia Reniary & Maya Bletcher
b) 2nd- Caydon Travsery & Alexa Erdo
c) 3rd-Joshua Mintzer & Ethan Fingerhut

3) ages 10-11
a) 1st-Scott Kaplan & Will Gardner
b) 2nd- Griffin Gallagher & Ben Savitz
c) 3rd- Luke Grayum & Jack mintzer

4) ages 12-14
a) 1st-Charlie McKinnley & Cole Right
b) 2nd-Callie Burkhart & Tait Gallagher
c) 3rd-Liam Scott & Julian Alderson

5) ages 15+
a) tied for 1st- Tait & Dan Gallagher
b) tied for 1st- Niel Oxford & Kevin Adler
c) 3rd- Liam Scott & Martin Scott

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4th of July-Athletic Event Results--Sack Race


Results of the 3-Legged Race:
(please excuse any misspellings)

1) ages 3-4
a) 1st-Collin Smith
b) 2nd-Dorian Dabney
c) 3rd-Madison Hahn
2) ages 5-6
a) 1st-Kayla Smith
b) 2nd-Kenny Keagy
c) 3rd-Ryan Holmes
3) ages 7-9
a) 1st-Abby Right
b) 2nd-Joshua Fingerhut
c) 3rd-Evan Corkwin
4) ages 10-11
a) 1st-Griffin Gallagher
b) 2nd-Owen DeLuca
c) 3rd- Samuel Alderson
5) ages 12-14
a) 1st-Tait Gallagher
b) 2nd-Louie Frankel
c) Grace Toland
6) ages 15+ (Women)
a) 1st-Kallie Burkhart
b) 2nd-Nicole Claffy
c) 3rd-Lisa Mintzer
7) ages 15+ (Men)
a) 1st-Dan Gallagher
b) 2nd-Larry Frankel
c) 3rd- "Mr. Baseball"

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4th of July-Athletic Event Results--3-Legged Race


Results for 3-Legged Race:
(please excuse any misspellings)

1)ages 4 and under
a)1st-Jude & Micah Lozano
b)2nd-Morgan Elliot & Luke Tardy
c)3rd-Susan Matson & Sesley Bodor
2) ages 5-6
a)1st-Ryan Holmes & Aiden DeLuca
b)2nd-Kenny Keagy & Bennet Gardner
c)3rd-Jamie Lozano & Ryan Green
3)ages 7-9
a)1st-Caidon Travesary & Alexa Eider
b)2nd-Daniel Monic & Rose Devany
c)3rd-Abby Wiedeman & Euna Ryan
4)ages 10-11
a)1st-Will Gardner & Jack Mintzer
b)2nd-Luke Grayum & Scott Kaplan
c)3rd- Ben savitz & Griffin Gallagher
5)ages 12-14
a)1st-Tait Gallagher & Callie Burkhart
b)2nd-Grace Toland & Rebecca Grayum
c)3rd-Julian Alderson & Samuel Alderson
6)ages 15 +
a)1st-Kevin Elder & Neil Aucksburg
b)2nd-Maddie Guynes & Alison Mays
c)3rd-Ben Savitz & his Dad

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4th of July-Athletic Event Results--20 and 40 Yard Dash


Everyone watching and participating in these events looked like they were enjoying them.

Here are the results for the 20 and 40 Yard Dash
(please excuse any misspellings)--

1)20 Yard Dash
a)4 and under
1st-Jackson Devine
2nd-Emma Finnerty
3rd-Jude Lozano
b)5-6 yr. old
1st-Aiden DeLuca
2nd-Kenny Keagy
3rd-Jamie Lozano
2)40 Yard Dash
a)7-9 yr. old
1st-Joshua Fingerhut
2nd-Stephen Lozano
3rd-Jack Lablonski
b)10-11 yr.old
1st-Luke Grayum
2nd-Owen DeLuca
3rd-Will Gardner
c)12-14 yr. old
1st-Tait Gallagher
2nd-Griffen Gallagher
3rd-Becca Grayum
d)Ages 15+ (Women)
1st-Rachel Lozano
2nd-Megan Zito
3rd-Alison Mays
e)Ages 15+ (Men)
1st-Mike McMann
2nd-Ryan Whiley
3rd-Aiden Guynes

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4th of July--Parade Judging Results


It was a very colorful Parade, and every person who participated in the this event deserves an award!

These were the participants who won a ribbon:

1)3 & Under--1st-Declan Devine
2nd-Genevieve Claffey
3rd-Helena Bedard
2)4-6 yr. old--1st-Robert Monek
2nd-Kenny Keagy
3rd-Mave and Anna Sergovic
3)7-9 yr. old--1st-Joshua Mintzer
2nd-Helen Monek
3rd-Anabel Keagy
4) 10-12 yr. old--1st-Jack Mintzer
2nd-Luke Grayum
3rd-Rose Devaney
5) 13 and over--1st-Patsy (last name?)
2nd-Suzanne Bransome
3rd-Paul Mariani

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Thank You, 4th of July Volunteers


Many thanks to all you, wonderful neighbors and friends, for making this 4th of July event a fun time for our children.

And many thanks to the members of the HAC (Haverford Athletic Club) for organizing the field games and for their generosity of left-over food/drinks.

I hope that many of you can help us next year, either helping behind the scenes, loaning us needed items, or assisting in the various activities that day.

Neighbors getting together to help out and enjoy the various events/activities are what make this neighborhood a great place to live.

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S.A.B.A. 2011 4th of July Neighborhood Celebration



Photographs from the 2011 4th of July event. Thanks to Emilia Lievano for coordinating this year's event. Excellent job.
july - 12

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