Normandy Botanical Garden Spring Planting and Clean-Up

05/03/2008 9:00 am
05/03/2008 12:00 pm

The SABA sponsored Spring Planting and Park Clean-Up is set for Saturday, May 3rd (rain date May 4th) at Normandy Botanical Gardens in South Ardmore. Last year was such a great success, where we had dozens of families and their children both donating plants and helping to dig them into the garden, that we hope to repeat it again this year. If your unfamiliar with what we have been doing here is the basic idea...

Normandy Park was designated a Botanical Garden a few years ago. Since then the South Ardmore Betterment Alliance(SABA) has been working towards beautifying the park by sponsoring events such as the Spring Planting and Clean-Up/Fall Festival and Bulb Planting. Both of these events rely on donated plants, shrubs and trees from the residents of South Ardmore and the volunteer efforts of those same residents to do the work of planting them and beautifying the park. Currently, if you drive past Normandy Botanical Gardens you might notice the flowing crocuses at the corner of Aubrey and Oakford, or the daffodils that make a semi-circle around the large silver maple tree on Cricket Ave., or the tulips that will soon flower at the corner of Cricket and Normandy - all of this and the flowers that will come later in the Spring are the proud result of South Ardmore families and their children volunteering their time and effort to beautify the park. Last year we had dozens of families working on the entry points at Cricket and Normandy and Cricket and Oakford, turning soil, creating flower beds and planting various flowering plants such as black-eyed susans and purple cone flower. On May 3rd SABA will be asking again for both plant donations and volunteers to come out and work in the park to continue this process of making our neighborhood beautiful.

Check back for updates on what to bring with you on the planting and clean-up day as well as for the areas we will be working on and what plants we are hoping for as donations on our wish list. Also, feel free to log on and ask any questions you might have or to add a comment.

SABA Landscape Committee

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Bumped to the front

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Bumped to the front page.

Sounds interesting, too. I'll see if I can make it out for this.

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Update 04/12/08 The areas

Update 04/12/08
The areas that we will be working on in Normandy Botanical Gardens are the corner of Normandy and Cricket, Cricket and Oakford, Oakford and Aubrey and a patch along the side of the building. The corner of Normandy and Cricket, Cricket and Oakford were develop and planted last year. The work that needs addressing there is maintainence of the beds(weeding), maybe with a slight expansion, further development of a border or edge around these two areas and mulching with compost. At the corner of Oakford and Aubrey a bed needs to be developed which will involve removal of some hedge, turning of soil, adding compost, defining the bed with a border and adding new plants. Around the building a cottaqe garden with both vegetables and flowers will be planted both for beautification and to apply for a $1000.00 grant to be applied towards future Normandy Botanical Garden projects. That area will also need turning of the soil, composting, a border and plant donations.

The types of plants we are looking for as donations are mostly perennials though some annuals are ok, shrubs and bushes, ornamental grasses and even fruit or flowering or native trees. This is a short(incomplete) list to promote ideas since it would be too tedious to list every possible plant or shrub. If you have a plant or shrub not listed but you would like to donate and are unsure if it is appropriate please call me at (610) 331-1349.

Examples of the types of plants that can be donated to Normandy Botanical Gardens are:
Purple Cone Flower
Black Eyed Susan
Verbena(butterfly bush)
Mountain Laurel
Ornanmental Grasses
Fruit Trees (dwarf, semi-dwarf)
Flower and Native Trees (Apple Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Oak, Dogwood, etc...)

What you will need to bring for the Spring Planting/Clean-Up Day - pair of gloves, trowel, a shovel if you have one(though many will be on hand also) and any plant donations you would like to make. Also, this is a great kids event so bring as many as you can enlist, cajole, bribe or otherwise snooker into coming out to help. I'll post some pics of previous events soon...

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UPDATE: Normandy Botanical


Normandy Botanical Garden Spring Planting and Clean-Up
Saturday, May 3rd 2008
8:00am @ Normandy Park (corner of Cricket Ave. and Oakford Ave. in South Ardmore)
Contact for more info:, (610) 331-1349

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that next Saturday (5/3), SABA will be having the annual
Spring Planting at Normandy Park, starting at 8:00 am and going until
12:00 (or when we are tired enough to feel we have done enough for
now). Over the past couple of years, we have made tremendous progress
in developing this property into the enjoyable park space that is used
so often by many neighbors. This will be our next effort in furthering
this process. In preparation for this event, over the past week, Bill
Halpin and others have roto-tilled some areas to prepare them as garden
beds, pulled some of the weeds, and cut down a significant portion of
one of the trees slated for removal. There are several trees around the
park that are considered "weed trees", several are non-native species
that can be problematic, and others are not as healthy as they can be so
they will be thinned. In an effort to emphasized the "botanical" nature
of the park, new trees and flower beds will be planted this year and in
the future with an emphasis on native plants. These have the advantage
of needing less water and care while being more supportive of our local
wildlife. If you have questions or would like to donate plants to the
park, please contact Bill Halpin at

Hope to see you all there...

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